Nemetona Electronica


FR: Ce petit coin du web, Nemetona electronica, est mon jardin numérique. Les jardins numériques sont essentiellement des wikis personnels, des documents en évolution constante. Bien que moins rigide comparé à un ouvrage imprimé, comparé à une entrée de wiki, un billet de blog est relativement statique, figé dans le moment de sa publication. Par contre, Nemetona electronica est un recueil de mes recherches qui change tout le temps, et est mon coin de l'internet pour les brouillons qui ne méritent pas (encore peut-être) une entrée sur mon blog.

À noter que je ne collecte aucune statistique sur les visites à Nemetona electronica. Ce wiki est, avant tout, pour moi.

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EN: This little corner of the web, Nemetona electronica, is my digital garden.  Digital gardens are essentially personal wikis, and are living documents. Though less static than texts in print, compared to a wiki entry, blog posts are relatively static documents, frozen in the time it goes online. On the other hand, Nemetona electronica is an ever-changing notebook of all my research, and is my corner of the internet for the kinds of stuff that doesn't (yet, maybe) merit an entry on my blog.

I don't collect any visitor statistics on Nemetona electronica. This wiki is, after all, for me.

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I'm obsessed with the blindingly cute 80s neon theme by Gordon Pederson. My wiki is now Neon. I apologise for nothing!!!


  • Update: wiki sort of works, though the Plugin is still broken. Hope the update comes soon...
  • Update: Looks like the HTML Web Export plugin is broken, my wiki is down.
  • This wiki now has an RSS feed, though it might be incredibly noisy. Add this link to your RSS reader if you dare (Edited to add this PSA: I truly do not recommend doing this):


Problems with Etherpad, migrating a bunch of stuff from my personal Etherpad instance to Nemetona Electronica, because I wasn't using the collaboration function and this wiki can serve just as well and even better.


TiddlyWiki was too cluttered and so so so slow. Trying out Obsidian, using the HTML Web Export plugin to make it web-ready. Works really well.


Changed theme and updated Tiddly to the latest version. I'm annoyed with the theme and the palette, but I'm too lazy to make my own.



Originally, this digital garden was powered by FeatherWiki, Wren version 1.6.0. As of today, we're running TiddlyWiki(and the CleverNote theme) because I was having performance issues and minimizing the html file was no longer priority number 1.


Decided to change my personal digital garden setup: 
Originally, this personal wiki was a jekyll site that lived over at While I'm transferring all the tea notes into the wiki, both sites will be up at the same time for a while, though Tea Garden is essentially an archive.